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Ship Simulator Extremes: Ferry Pack - Now Available!

Date posted: 28-03-2011

Fellow captains, lend us your ears...
VSTEP and Paradox Interactive are happy to announce that the Ship Simulator Extremes Ferry Pack is now released and available for purchase from and other leading digital distribution platforms.

In this new downloadable content pack (DLC pack) for Ship Simulator Extremes, captains will be able to command five different ferries both in free roam and campaign mode. The Ferry Pack also adds a complete, brand new campaign featuring 10 realistic new missions and specific Ferry gameplay to Ship Simulator Extremes. From crossing the English Channel in style, to a busy day at the Hamburg, New York, Sydney and Rotterdam Ferry services, there is always something happening as a ferry captain, and if you like Ferries of any kind, then this DLC pack is your oyster! Featuring new challenges and gameplay to test the most experienced of captains on the world’s most popular ferry routes. You cannot afford to miss this.

STEAM has decided to change the release date to April 5th, so STEAM users will have to be a bit more patient before they can sail the Ferries. We apologize for any inconvenience their last minute decision may cause. Non-STEAM users can purchase the Ferry Pack from today on

•    5 new Ferry types (Fast, Channel, River, etc.) available in Campaign, Free Roam and Multiplayer mode.
•    Ferry specific gameplay: Ferry ramp & door opening for loading/unloading, Directional switch for two-ender ferries, etc.
•    New Ferry Player campaign featuring 10 missions all over the world
•    Ferry mission functionality added to the Mission Editor, allowing for creation and sharing of Ferry specific missions

The Ferry Pack DLC is now available on and all other leading digital distribution platforms for €14.99. Visit the official Ferry Pack website and take a look at the gameplay video to learn even more about this new title.

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