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Ship Sim Extremes Update v1.4 now available!

Date posted: 25-08-2011

The v1.4 update for Ship Simulator Extremes is now available. This update contains some important gameplay fixes such as the collision and multiplayer towing issues. The patch also includes some brand new gameplay features, one of them is a brand new professional chart. The update is available through our website and other select channels. STEAM users will have their version updated automatically.

Follow this link for the release notes.

Ship Simulator Extremes Anniversary
To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Ship Simulator Extremes, VSTEP is announcing a huge discount weekend. From September 2nd to September 4th, there will be no less than 50% off on all Ship Simulator games and DLC, including the Ferry Pack.

So if you are looking to complete your Ship Simulator collection, maybe add the Ferry pack to your games, or are just waiting for the right moment to give our newest Ship Simulator Extremes game a go, then keep an eye out for our discount weekend starting September 2nd...

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