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Fishing Trawler "Sigita" DLC pack for Ship Simulator Extremes now available for purchase!

Date posted: 24-11-2010

All Ship Simulator Extremes players that are looking for some new content for your game, check out the new Fishing Trawler "Sigita" DLC pack, which is now available for purchase through the Shipyard, the online download shop for Ship Simulator Extremes. The Sigita DLC pack adds the Fishing Trawler "Sigita" and 6 special bonus missions to your game, adding over 7 hours of additional gameplay!

Note for Ship Simulator Extremes Pre-order customers: The Sigita DLC pack content is identical to the Sigita pre-order bonus content.

Fishing Trawler "Sigita" DLC pack content description:
1 Unique Bonus Vessel 
6 Special Bonus Missions (over 7 hours of additional gameplay)

Watch a video about the DLC content here: or by clicking the video image to the right.

The Fishing Trawler Sigita DLC for Ship Simulator Extremes is now available from the Shipyard at and other select digital distribution platforms for €4.99! Click here for the purchase page. 

For more information about Ship Simulator Extremes go to

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