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Ship Simulator Extremes: Update v1.5 now available!

Date posted: 22-02-2012

A new update v1.5 is now available for download! This new update will improve the multiplayer experience and includes bug fixes, better synchronization and a few new features. For a complete list of all changes, please check the v1.5 release notes.

The update is available through our website and other select channels. STEAM users will have their version updated automatically.

Release notes

[ Multiplayer ]
* Fixed issue where creating ropes on your own server would not work properly.
* Improved rope / towing bahaviour.
* Connection points updated when ropes are changed, prevents issue where connection points show incorrect information.
* Prevented an issue where leaving a server would leave a 'ghost'-ship behind.
* Horns and watercanons are now syncronized.
* Sinking has been disabled.
* Players'  names displayed above the ships (optional)
* Statistics being tracked

[ Ships ]
* Improved various ships (lights, bridges, dynamics)
* The Hide GUI action no longer resets the controls

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