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New Custom Mission Rating System: Share your experience and rate the Ship Sim Extremes custom missions!

Date posted: 21-06-2011

With nearly 50 Custom Mission that stand for 3000 minutes of extra game play, the Mission Editor for Ship Simulator Extremes has proven to be a big success!

To let everyone enjoy the Custom Missions even more, we have build a brand new Custom Mission Rating feature. With this feature it's easy to gather information about a mission your interested in and directly see what rating other users gave it.

Our Custom Mission Managers (CMM) also give their opinion about the missions that are available for download. This way you can easily see what the professionals think about missions that have been submitted.

Wouldn't it be great if your missions tops this rating list? Join the Custom Mission team now and start creating your own missions for Ship Simulator Extremes!

Have fun!
The Forum Team

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