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Ship Simulator Extremes: new ingame video footage released!

Date posted: 20-08-2010

Leading up to the imminent release of Ship Simulator Extremes, VSTEP and Paradox have released 2 new game trailers showing ingame footage of the game. 

1. The first trailer is a new official launch trailer that was released today at GamesCom Cologne 2010. This trailer shows a wide variety of gameplay footage and gives viewers a glimpse of the gameplay within the game.

This official release trailer can be viewed in HD or SD here.

2. The second trailer focusses entirely on the Greenpeace campaign within the game, which is one of the 3 campaigns in the game. The other campaigns are the "Core campaign" and the "Tourist Tales campaign", both of which gameplay trailers will also be released in the following weeks. The Greenpeace Missions trailer is a very extensive trailer running at over 3:50 seconds, and giving a good impression of some of the missions in the campaign and the activist action included.

To take a look at this Greenpeace mission trailer, go here.

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