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Ship Simulator Extremes - New Update 1.3 video released!

Date posted: 19-01-2011

In case you missed the buzz or were sailing on the oceans somewhere, you might be interested to know that recently Ship Simulator Extremes received its biggest update yet, the 1.3 update!

This extensive update includes many improvements, brand new gameplay and a completely free Mission Editor to create and share your missions with a community of thousands. It also includes some brand new missions for Ship Simulator Extremes (for registered forum users) created with the Mission Editor, with many more to follow.

You can download the update (STEAM users will have received this update automatically) or check out the full details of this impressive update 1.3 in the release notes

To celebrate the release of this major update, we have created a new video highlighting some of the new features in this 1.3 patch. 

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