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10 days of Holiday Sales: 50% Off on all Ship Simulator Games!

Date posted: 16-12-2010

Following the success of our previous discount weekend and to celebrate the Holiday Season in style, we offer 10 days of Holiday Sales with no less than a whopping 50% discount on all Ship Simulator titles. Want to give Ship Simulator a go and put on your virtual captain's hat? Then here's your chance...

For 10 days, offers no less than a 50% discount on ALL Ship Simulator games:

    * Ship Simulator Extremes
    * Ship Simulator 2008 CE(includes SS2008 & New Horizons + bonus content)
    * Ship Simulator 2008 Add-on: New Horizons
    * Ship Simulator 2008
    * Ship Simulator 2006 Add-on
    * Ship Simulator 2006

This 50% discount offer runs from Thursday December 16th (12:00 PM CET) - Saturday December 25th (12:00 PM CET) 2010.

Take advantage of this Holiday Season offer and join a community of thousands of virtual captains taking on the virtual oceans...

Check out the Ship Simulator Gameplay videos!

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