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One year anniversary of Ship Simulator Extremes: Free Harbour Pilot DLC!

Date posted: 01-09-2011

To celebrate the 1st anniversary (Hurrah!!) of Ship Simulator Extremes, we offer all players the Harbour Pilot DLC for Ship Simulator Extremes for free.

In the Harbour Pilot DLC, users experience the pressure and responsibilities of a Maritime Pilot. Without a shadow of a doubt, modern maritime pilots have one of the most important professions in maritime safety. The economic and environmental risk from today's large vessels make the role of the pilot truly essential as they bring knowledge and expertise of the nearby port to the crew. Join ships in need of a pilot, board them and take the helm as you assist and guide them into port. With millions of dollars under your control, versatility and the ability to cope with stress are key requirements of any harbour pilot.

The Harbour Pilot DLC was created in close cooperation with the Dutch Pilot Association.
This free DLC is now available for download:

  • Non STEAM users can get it from and selected digital distribution sites.
  • STEAM users can download this free DLC from the STEAM store.


  • Advanced, state-of-the-art Pilot Tender vessel and Pilot Character
  • New player campaign featuring four realistic pilot missions.
  • Learn how to board a ship using your tender and then pilot a variety of vessels into dock.
  • Added Pilot Boat functionality to the Mission Editor, allowing for creation and sharing of specific Pilot missions.
  • Developed in cooperation with the Dutch Pilot Association

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