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Cross the English Channel! Join our Dover - Calais Multiplayer Servers...

Date posted: 01-06-2011

Did you cross the English Channel yet?
With the introduction of the Ferry Pack, our Dover multiplayer server has seen a steep climb in popularity!

Virtual captains from all over the world have taken command of one of the 5 new Ferry Pack ferries and have started their own ferry service on the well-known Dover - Calais route.

Ship Sim Extremes has a very dedicated and hardcore following. Following Ferry Pack release, some players even set-up their own virtual ferry company, including a special website for their ferry service with complete departure and arrival schedules for the Dover – Calais route. They even recruited some sailors to join their virtual company to make sure the schedule was followed!

Want to join in the fun? All you have to do is join the Dover multiplayer servers (there are servers for both Ferry Pack users & regular SSE users) that we have created especially for your ferry lovers!

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