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Ship Simulator Extremes





Will Ship Simulator Extremes run on my pc?

Please check the system requirements at the bottom of the Ship Simulator Extremes webpage.

Notice that Ship Simulator is not compatible with Intel HD Graphics chipsets that are commonly used in laptops.

Problems with starting the game

After starting up the game, it prompts with DLL-errors, missing channels-errors, gives a black screen.

Usually these problems are related to a graphics card that does not meet the minimum requirements. If you are sure your system exceeds the minimum requirements you can follow these steps to get the game to work:

1. Try to run the game as an administrator (Rightmouse clicking on the SSE icon or on the Steam icon before starting steam and choosing "Run as administrator")

2. Reinstalling Nvidea PhysX
The PhysX software can sometimes be improperly installed without notice. In such case it is adviced to remove any existing Nvidia PhysX installation and reinstall it again. You can download it here:

3. C++ Redistributables
Sometimes, the proper C++ runtime libraries are missing. You can download the ones ShipSim uses here:
You won't need to remove any previous versions. After you've clicked on the download button you can select all three items. Your computer will only install the correct redistributables.
After the installation is done, try to run the game.

4.Refreshing Virtualstore & registry data
Try to run the program Clean_vstore.exe & Unregister.exe from the installation folder of Ship Simulator Extremes. This cleans your profile and the "Virtual store". The programs will not open any window or dialog.

5. If you are using Steam, you could try validating Steam's cache files.
You can follow the steps on steam's support section here:

6. Windows update
Make sure you have all latest updates installed for your Windows version. Outdated Windows versions are known to cause issues with the game.

7. Graphics driver update
Outdated graphics drivers can cause the game to crash. Make sure you have your latest AMD or Nvidia drivers installed.

Will Ship Simulator run on Mac?

Unfortunately Ship Simulator Extremes is not available on Mac.
We did hear some success stories of people that were able to run it with Windows on their Mac through "Bootcamp" or by using a Windows emulator. But it requires some effort to make it work.

Will Ship Simulator run on Windows 8 & 10?

ShipSim is fully compatible with Windows 8, 8.1 & 10
However, make sure if your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run the game:

The game constantly asks for my license key at startup

On some computers it is mandatory to run the game EXE once by rightmouseclicking the icon and choosing "Run as administrator". Even though your Windows user account already has administrator rights, this will solve the issue.

Graphical artifacts

If you are experiencing graphical artifacts, please make sure you meet the minimal system requirements. These can be found here;

Graphical artifacts can be, but are not exclusive to;

- No ocean, black ocean, ocean that looks like a grid, ocean with major graphical artifacts.

- No sky, black sky.

- Ships look glitched, no textures, distorted textures.

Take note that your videocard needs to support shadermodel 3.0 in order for the game to run properly.

If you meet the requirements, but still have graphical artifacts, you can try to do the following;

- Install the latest drivers for you videocard.

- Turn down graphics settings from the control panel of your videocard, mainly anti-aliasing (AA) and anisotropic filtering (AF). Lower these setting or turn them off completely.

- Close as many background processes as possible while running the game.

No missions after 1.2.2

After installing the 1.2.2 update, the game prompt with a pop-up where it indicates multiple uniqueIDs are found. After this pop-up, no missions appear in the game.

A small hotfix for this problem can be found on the forum. Get it there and run it on your pc.

The server you try to connect is not a Ship Simulator Extremes server

If you install the latest updates, you should be able to connect with our servers again.
You can download ShipSim's latest updates here:

Patch error while installing v1.5.7 "You need v1.4.0"

If you receive an error while installing patch v1.5.7 claiming that you need at least v1.4.0 installed, you can fix this by following these few steps:

  • Click on Start
  • Type in the search box "Regedit"
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Vstep\ShipSimExtremes
  • On the right side, there's a list with strings. Double click on the one which says "Build"
  • Change the value to 1101
  • Now open the patch to see if it wants to install